Well Visits

Penn Integrative Pediatrics follows the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines for the schedule of well child visit.  During the visit, we check your child’s growth parameters, developmental milestones, evaluate social mental functions and perform a physical exam.  The visit is completed with appropriate vaccinations and blood studies if indicated.

Please schedule your child’s well visit according to the following schedule, the vaccinations and blood studies are listed also:

Newborn: 1-2 days after discharge from the hospital

7-14 days: newborn screen

2 months: vaccinations

4 months: vaccinations

6 months: vaccinations

9 months

12 months: vaccinations and anemia check

15 months: vaccinations

18 months: vaccinations

24 months:  catch up vaccinations

30 months

36 months

4 years: vaccinations

5 years and up: annual check-ups with vaccinations at 11 and 16 years, lipid and other blood check if indicated

At the conclusion of the visit, our physician will discuss your child’s growth and developmental status, give recommendations on nutrition, behavior and social function development.  If you choose to include integrative management, Dr. Penn will incorporate integrative medicine approaches in her examination, management and recommendations.

Please note, if your child requires any care besides a routine well check or if you have concerns on your child’s wellbeing, the condition or concern will be documented and billed separately which will require a deductible payment or copay if your deductibles are met at the time of the visit.

Please also note, we do not have contract with any insurance company for integrative medical management.  If you chose to have additional integrative medicine management and consultation, another additional integrative medicine service will be billed to you.

Even though it will be an additional cost to you to receive integrative management for your child, we strongly recommend our unique and beneficial service on all well child visits for the best wellbeing of your child.