Sick Visits

At Penn Integrative Pediatrics, we follow the guidelines from American Academy of Pediatrics and manage patients accordingly.  For some conditions listed under Integrative Pediatrics, an integrative approach may be more beneficial to your child’s condition.  If you desire for your child to be managed with integrative modalities, please raise your request to Dr. Penn to decide the best approach toward your child’s condition.  Please note you will be billed separately for the integrative medicine management in addition to your copay or deductible payments for your child’s sick visit.

Please call early in the morning for an appointment for the child to be seen in a timely manner. Please check our office hours to see the best time for you. 

If your child needs to be seen on the days or time when we are not open at Rice Village office, please call early in the morning to our alternative office 713.777.1117 in southwest Houston for an appointment of the day.  Your child will be seen by one of our pediatrician associates. We do not offer integrative medicine management at our southwest location.