Pain is a sign from our body demanding some intervention.  A newborn understands the pain.  It often indicates some micro-imbalance in our body's microenvironment.  In traditional Chinese medicine, it indicates 'blockage of blood flow' and is presented in many different forms.  Without operable causes, using integrative approaches, pain can often be alleviated without the usage of medication.

Cases such as sciatic pain with disc herniation, knee pain, ankle pain, foot pain, thigh pain, foot pain, shoulder pain, back pain and more have all been treated and resolved quickly without medication interventions.  Please see our athelets competitiveness and readiness and case report for more detailed description of some of these cases. .

Because there is a vast difference on pain presentations and diagnosis, please make an appointment and Dr. Penn will exam your child to establish an diagnosis and determine the best intervention and prevention management for your child.