Musculoskeletal Pain

Dr. Penn treated many children with musculoskeletal pain such as back pain, foot pain, ankle pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, rib cage pain and others with quick and complete resolutions of the pain.  Please see athelets competitiveness and readiness for more information. 

Some sample cases:

Lumber disc herniation with sciatic pain

The patient is a 17 year old who has L4-5 disc herniation with pain level 8 of 10 radiating to his right thigh.  At the time of presentation,  he failed months of physical therapy.  After Dr. Penn offered her integrative therapy, his pain was resolved to 0 of 10 and he continues to be pain free 11 months after the completion of treatments.  Repeated MRI showed similar L4-5 disc herniation/protrution which indicates the disc protrusion itself is not the cause of his pain.  This case will be submitted for publication.


Femoral Patella syndrome, bilateral knee pain

Knee pain is a common complaint.  This is one of the many cases.

The patient is a 15 year old girl who has pain on both knees for more than 2 years. The pain comes on when she walks or runs and there’s no pain at rest.  She denies she had any injuries to the knees and reports her knee pain has gotten worse over time.  She has been seen multiple times for her knee pain but her condition did not improve and reports pain after walking 2-3 minutes with pain level 8 of 10. 

Her knee x-ray was normal.  She was seen by rheumatologist and all laboratories for inflammatory process were negative.  She was diagnosed with Femoral Patella syndrome and was recommended to have physical therapy and exercise to strengthen her quadriceps.  She wants to have acupuncture treatment for her knees because she was treated briefly the year before and felt the treatment helped her. 

The patient was started the treatment plan to have acupuncture +/- hand manipulation 3 times a week for 2 weeks, then 2 times per week, then once per week, anticipating 2 months treatment.  A day after the 2nd treatment, she reports the pain has decreased, with pain level 2 of 10 after walking 10-15 minutes. After the 3rd treatment, she had no pain after walking 15 minutes, the treatment was then decreased to once per week.  After the 4th treatment, she had no pain after walking 45 minutes and did not pay attention to her knees anymore. 

Case Comments:

Femoral patella syndrome is frequently seen in teen age girls.  The treatment usually involves physical therapy and exercise to strengthen the quadriceps muscles.  As demonstrated in this case, acupuncture treatment with Dr. Penn's unique hand manipulation can be very effective in alleviate patient’s pain, her recommendations on posture adjustment can help prevent the recurrence of the symptoms.


Ankle sprain - acute injury

The patient is a 13 year old boy basketball player who wants to be a professional basketball player when he grows up.  He sprained his left ankle 2 days prior to the visit while playing his favorite game, basketball.  He could not bare weight on his left foot and came to the office in his crutches.  Pain level was 8-9/10.  He had swelling and point tenderness over his left ankle.

He was treated using Dr Penn's hand manipulation ajusting method.  After the treatment, he was able to bear his weight and walked out without crutches. His pain was reduced to 1-2/10 the next day and 0/10 the following day.  He played a full weekly basketball game 5 days after the treatment without any pain.


Ankle sprain

This patient is a 14 year old with ankle sprain 4 months prior to presentation.  He continues to have ankle discomfort which keeps him from playing soccer and wants to know what can be done.  His ankle exam is normal with full range of motion.  He was offered acupuncture treatment for his ankle pain once per week.  He was completely pain free after 3 treatments.

Case Comments:

This boy’s pain is relatively mild by exam yet it hinders his function.  For total of 4 treatments, each time using 1-3 small needles , he regained the strength of his ankle and becomes symptoms free.  This case indicates we can use acupuncture to alleviate some mild yet debilitating symptoms quickly with total body function restoration.  He is not likely to injury his ankle easily with a strong ankle verse a weak ankle; that is, if his ankle is borderline functioning he’s more likely to have injury to his ankle while playing soccer.