Mental Health Related

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

The patient is a 14 year old boy who is depressive, anxious and started having suicidal thoughts. He was referred to emergency room evaluation because of his suicidal thoughts.  He was evaluated by the psychiatrist and diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder.  He was suggested that medication may be needed for his condition.  He and his mother both want to try acupuncture treatment for his condition and hopefully not to take any medication.  He is otherwise a good student at school who likes sports.

He was started on acupuncture treatment once per week for 2 months. He reports that the treatment helps him and after 5 treatments, the frequency was weaned to twice per month.  After another 3 treatments, the patient feels well enough and no more treatment was needed.

Case Comments:

Mental stress is one of the most treatable conditions by acupuncture. From many studies stress has been related to many illnesses and is a health condition we should pay much attention to.  This case show that acupuncture can relax our mind, with proper counseling, we can reduce patient’s stress, improve his/her functioning.