Integrative Pediatrics

Western medicine has helped us fight infections, treat cancer, repair our broken body, enrich our health knowlege, prolonged our lives and many other improvements for our health.  Physicians have also realized that we do not have very effective treatment for many conditions.  Our government and medical society are desparately looking for alternative pain management modalities other than opioid becuase of the current opiod epidemics. 

Starting from her curiosity in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), Dr. Penn has spent thousands of hours on learning and verifying some TCM treatments.  She travelled in US, Canada and even to China to learn and practice different schools of treatments in TCM, she is now a strong advocate for integrative medicine, integrating western medicine and scientificaly based Chinese medicine (SCM).  As shown in many cases in our case report, she often offers her SCM treatments when western medicine managements failed.  For conditions listed under this Integrative Pediatrics section, Dr. Penn now offers effective SCM treatment immediately to shorten the course of patients' illnesses.

Dr. Penn uses energy flow (Qi) theories to explaine the effectiveness of TCM treatment, whereas western medicine knowledge is used as the base for SCM treatment.

Please see these pages under Integrative Pediatrics section:

Athelets Competitiveness and readiness - this SCM treatment program is aimed to reduce the chance of injury from falls for young athlets to be or active athlets, thereby enhence athelets' readiness for sports and competition
Pain - using SCM to treat pain without medication
Menstruation Irregularities - using TCM to effectively treat many different adolescent girls' menstruation related illnesses
Integrative Mental Health: using TCM combined with consultation to treat different mental, mood related illnesses
Consultation - Newborn and Beyond - Dr. Penn offers her decades of pediatric experience in western medicine, combined with many sound health, life, behavior, communication and family tips for all ages
Difficult To Treat Conditions - Evaluating patients from TCM point of view, Dr. Penn can often find some clues for the illness to initiate effective treatment.  An example is the chronic abdominal pain presented in our case report.

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