Integrative Pediatrics Charges

Our integrative pediatric management is an optional, add-on service to your well or sick visit, regardless if we are your primary care provider (PCP).   We do not accept insurance for this service and you will be billed separately if you elect this option at the time of making your appointment. If you fail to mention this option, your child will be seen and managed under general pediatrics guidelines.  We strongly encourage you to choose this option for your child's care, especially for well visits, for the benefit of your child.  Please see athlets competitiveness and readiness page for more information.

In addition to your general pediatric (sick or well visit) charge, which is likely to be covered by your insurance plan whether we are your in or out of network provider, you will be billed for the integrative care management fee. This additional fee usually ranges from $50 - 125, depending on the complexity of the consultation or illness.  We encourage you to enroll in a package plan if you are out of network patient or need several treatments for your conditions.

We will send your well and/or sick visit bills to your health plan on your behalf. You are expected to pay the general pediatric care (copayment or deductible payment) and integreative care payment at the time of the service.  We accept credit card or check for your payment.

Please also see Practice Info