Athletes Competitivenss and Readiness

We are born resilient.  We recover from falls, injuries and repetitive usage.  But the recovery may not be complete, and the fine residual imbalance accumulates through time causing further vulnerability for injuries in the future. Studies have shown participating a single sport increase the chance of overusage injury.  It is therefore important to restore our fine body balance to allow continuation of maximum flexibility, especially after falls or same parts repetitive usage.

In sports, there are many talented young athelets who have to give up their beloved sports because of injury.  In our athletes competitiveness and readiness program, we look for early signs of body imbalance and restore its balance to minimize the chance of injury.  By integratiing different modalities of treatment without using medication, Dr. Penn also treats many non-surgical sports injuries such as patellofemoral syndrome, muscle strain, sciatica and others.  We strongly recommend early treatment when the symtoms or injuries are still mild before the recurrent physical tear injury occurs. 

Dr Penn uses her unique approach to treat musculoskeletal conditions, which may or may not cause pain.  For children under 12, NO NEEDLING is needed.  For chronic athletic conditions, some hair thin needles may be used. 

To start learning and understanding how to prevent the pain, please explore some photos.  Please note these photos can be graphic and are for medical illustration purpose only. 

Depends on the child's age and activity level, we recommend different treatment and maintenance schedule for the fine body balance restoration. A toddler who falls often due to immaturity may need an annual restoration session or when symptom arises, but for a young athlete in competition, we may need before and after competition sessions in addition to routine maintenance sessions, depending on the intensity of training activities.

Please make an appointment with us and Dr. Penn will exam your child and give her recommendations for the best care and schedule of your child.

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